Friday, December 5, 2014

Re: Melissa Lys

How are you?
I saw it in the Oprah's show

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Right now I am in the midst of rewriting a character. I've been thinking about how some times a character isn't really out of the box. They are just like you and me, there isn't anything that would make them stand out. Do we alienate the minority so as not to alienate the majority? I've been taking this as a time to really branch out into what I want the character to be. To give them the opportunities to do things that I'm not capable of doing.

After I work on my Pinterest board a little bit longer I will link to it. Right now I am toying with the idea of putting my main character in a wheelchair but I know that will change some pivotal moments. I guess I will have to find balance between story line and character importance and really I think that what the character brings to the story and to the reader is more important than a cheesy scene on the staircase. If I put a character in a wheelchair do they have to have a back story? Is that insensitive? I guess until I work on that quandary it isn't important. I alo would have to have a little extra time to work on writing. Right now I am working on a deep purge of my house. I would like to not have to haul a bunch of stuff to another house. The only thing that I want to do is haul that bunch of stuff to Goodwill.

love ya!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cleaning out the cobwebs...

Oh the lord the cobwebs around here, they're just as bad as the ones on my light fixtures.

I've been a little preoccupied that last couple of months and this is what has gone by the wayside. I hate it. This is the one thing that I have to keep myself from going bonkers.

I had facebook and the hubs joined. Then I had twitter and the boss joined. And yes Twitter that sucks toes to send me an email me if I know him. I do but no I don't want him to follow me or know that I'm on there. Especially right as I'm getting ready to post something snarky about my job and going to work.

love ya!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

When to write....

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what has been going on and well neglecting writing of any kind because of that. Well that and the fact that I am desperately trying to clean up a few dozen quests on Pioneer  Trail on Facebook. I was scrolling through posts on my phone and saw one that was a thread to add friends that played the game and I saw that there were a few people who were looking to catch up on some old quests. I have some that are almost four years old that I have yet to finish and they just keep stacking up. Usually to make things worse when you finish one another one pops up and if you are terribly unlucky when you finish one quest two or three more pop up. That has happened to me on some of the truly easy ones that you can blast through quickly and then you get stuck with one that wants you to build five or six things or beg for your life.

I haven't had that much time to work on any of the stuff that I want to and it hurts me a little bit because it was what pushed me in the past. It was what kept me up at night but for good reasons. I'm just afraid that one day I'm gonna pull it out of the back of a drawer and not remember what my reason for writing would be. I know that this isn't the first post I've written about my want to write more than I have but things just don't seem to line up with that plan.

love ya!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Watching tv...

Friday and Saturday nights are really about watching a couple hours of shows from the DVR. Right now we are watching Thursday's episode of Hannibal and every episode I tell myself that I'm quitting the show. That no matter what I"m not going to watch this one anymore. It moves far too slow for my taste. I know that there are long term arcs and plots that take time to develop. I guess what I've come to know about mysteries is that you've got sixty minutes from the murder to the time that the case is closed. This doesn't have that. The same murder may last several episodes, some may span almost the whole season. It irks me that you get to 45 or 50 minutes in and you still haven't gotten to who the killer is or you might know who it is but someone always seems to get to the killer before the FBI.

The one thing that I truly love about the show besides some of the actors is the coloring. Lighting that they use has this vintage feel to it and it makes you feel like this is happening in the sixties. Hannibal has this retro vibe that makes him classic and timeless. I don't truly like Mads Mikkelsen, there is just something about him that I don't care for which helps with him playing Hannibal because I don't think that you're supposed to like him, unless you may be a psychopath. I like Anthony Hopkins in Hannibal but I like him for the voice.

I will keep up with it for a little while to see if Will makes it out of the infamous Baltimore cell which sadly is not the one that you can expect to see Hannibal in a few years down the road.

I just hate that they don't put reruns on. I obviously missed a few episodes in the fall to see what happened that Will ended up behind bars for.

love ya!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Midweek pick me up...

I wish that there was a mid week pick me up that I could talk about but alas there is nothing but Wednesday blues. Usually by the time I think about blogging, I'm closing my computer to get ready for bed because I just don't think about it. There are so many different things on my mind that writing about them is one of the last things on my mind. Really sad I know.

The weather has been crazy around here. On Sunday the temperature dropped from a balmy 75 to 32 in a matter of a few hours. Yesterday there were hours of sleet which yielded a lovely layer of ice on our car. It was substantial enough that we were able to roll the window down without effecting the  integrity of the ice sheet. But my secret weapon is an ice scraper that we keep in the glove box for emergencies like that, but only if we can make it into the car to start with. We really didn't have anywhere to go since it was our day off (score!) but it was primaries in Texas and well our county judge retired and everyone was running on the same ticket. There are times when primaries are basically regular elections because they either are running unopposed or everyone is on the same ticket.

love ya!